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Founded in 2008, TransTeach started out as a translation and educational consultancy company. We wanted to do the two things we loved most every day, enabling us to establish a (slightly nomadic) lifestyle that would allow us to inspire others to do the same. Above all, we wanted to live and work by our own values: constantly learning; using our talents to help others and making sure that there was time to enjoy what we were doing along the way (work-life balance is something we work hard at.)


Since then, we've progressed to working in linguistic consultancy, localisation, transcreation and even creative writing.

In fact, TransTeach prides itself on never saying no to a new opportunity (knowledge and skills permitting). We've also been fortunate enough to work around the world, both in reality and virtually, and are huge advocates of utilising the possibilities afforded by modern technology to pursue a working lifestyle that suits you.


Today, we continue to offer translation services. We also advise companies on all aspects of their communication and language usage, from the revision of websites and presentations to the perfecting of marketing and advertising copy.




TransTeach wouldn't exist, and certainly wouldn't be able to offer the exceptionally high quality of service it does, were it not for the extensive investment we make in our education, both formal and informal. We ensure that we're constantly aquiring new skills and knowledge to keep us forward thinking. We believe this is one of the keys to our success to date.

Our key qualifications and experience include:


  • 12 years' experience in the translation industry
  • 15 years' experience in the education and training domains (Further Education, Higher Education, TEFL, TESOL, IT training)
  • Postgraduate diploma in Translation and Electronic Tools (Universitat de Rovira y Virgili, Tarragona, Spain)
  • MSc in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation with Translation Technology (Imperial College, London, UK)
  • Diploma in Localisation
  • Diploma in Leadership and Management (Institute of Leadership and Management)


Consequently, we are passionate about teaching tomorrow's generation of translators and linguists, to ensure they are equipped with the necessary practical skills and real world knowledge to forge a successful career in the industry. We therefore work with some of the UK's most prestigious universities, passing on our skills and knowledge to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.




At TransTeach we are constantly looking to move in new directions and we are currently crossing new boundaries in both language and learning ourselves, as well as for our clients. One of our priorities is to make sure we are as socially enterprising as possible, a must in the modern world. We have therefore established a long-term partnership with the charity My Mother's Love (www.mymotherslove.co.uk) and are producing a range of children's ebooks to support the charity and its aims.

We are also keen to encourage entrepreneurial, as well as formal, education, in all its forms. We thus promote the many useful training courses that we have come across, and benefited from, in various industries. TransTeach is a firm believer in holistic education and the opportunity for creativity and growth that gaining knowledge in a multitude of areas can offer.



Claire Culliford founded TransTeach in 2008, after discovering that she could not find a job that would allow her to use her background in translation and education in exactly the right measure. Today, she remains grateful that TransTeach allows her to do just that, as well as to explore new opportunities and to pursue her great love of creative writing, for a very positive purpose. Claire is most at home helping people and is never happier than when she can do that by using her extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of translation and education. 


TransTeach has always been keen to work with those who are experts in their field. Consequently, we operate a model which involves collaboration with individuals with the necessary experience and knowledge on a project by project basis. This enables us to put together just the right team according to the requirements of each individual client. At TransTeach, we know that complementary skillsets are what make for a successful working environment and we love the fact that no two weeks are ever the same. We work with individuals, companies and universities all over the world to make sure that our clients' needs are met in the most effective way possible.


Agnes is the most recent addition to the team and makes sure that every day in the office is full of fun and frolics in amongst all the hard work. Her role mainly involves sleeping and eating, but she's currently being trained to answer the phones and act as a chauffeur during really busy periods...

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